As a retailer have you ever had the thought, “man, I really wish I knew how much inventory is on my shelves that were received over 90 days ago” or “I wonder who my top 10 pickers and shippers are in my company”. If you ever had a similar thought you are not alone. To be competitive in this retail space, retailers require relevant and insightful reporting. But sadly, a lot of retail reporting tools out there make assumptions about what is important to you and are fixed on what they can do.

Naturally, as retailers we approached the problem a little bit differently. We wanted to empower our retailers by creating flexible tools that can be shaped and configured to work with any sized retailer.

Today’s guide to retail dominance covers our reporting tool. You will see how easy it is to create your own reports and add the necessary business logic you need to make better, smarter, decisions.

To get started, here’s a great video by done our very own Ally Daley.

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