About RetailOps

RetailOps offers a holistic business operations platform for SME direct to consumer retail businesses. With tools created specifically for retailers, RetailOps unifies and automates retail businesses so retailers can focus on their customers, not their technology and operations. The platform includes modules for Buying, Receiving and Warehouse Management, Product Information and Media Management, Point of Sale, Distributed Order Management, Shipping, and Channel integrations RetailOps is the hub of business operations.

What is the intent of the RetailOps Partner Program?

The intent of the RetailOps Partner Program is to actively work together in a collaborative and symbiotic relationship in the interest of better serving our mutual customers.

Who is eligible to participate in the RetailOps Partner Program?

Businesses that operate in a parallel space and are meaningfully able and interested in one or more of the following:

  • Be referred new customers by RetailOps
  • Refer new customers to RetailOps
  • Service existing mutual customers for the betterment of their business

RetailOps Partner Benefits:

  • Direct line of communication with RetailOps engineers
  • Listed in partner directory
  • Receive new business referrals
  • Direct access to RetailOps product managers for feature improvements / suggestions
  • Test instance of RetailOps on request
  • Eligible to receive referral fees

RetailOps Partner Expectations:

  • RetailOps customers find your offering of good quality and useful
  • You will endeavor to refer business to RetailOps


By signing up for the Retailops Partner Program, you are agreeing to be bound by this Partner Program Agreement (the “Agreement”). The Agreement is between you, as Partner (“Partner”), and RetailOps Inc. (“RetailOps”) (together, the “Parties”, and each a “Party”). RetailOps reserves the right to revise Agreement terms and conditions. In the event of a change to these terms and conditions, RetailOps will send notification to the email address on file for the Partner. Thereafter, the Partner has a period of 30 calendar days to submit written resignation from the RetailOps partner program. At the end of the 30 day notice period, the revised Agreement shall enter into full force and effect.


Your membership in the RetailOps Partner Network may be terminated at any time by either Party with or without cause. In the event that your membership is terminated, your access to Partner-specific benefits will be terminated. Your access to RetailOps APIs, SDKs, and technical reference materials will continue without interruption. Only the RetailOps end-customer may ever moderate or revoke access to their instance, and the API / SDK calls thereto.

You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement before you may become a Partner.