The comprehensive suite of retail management software needed to manage the back-office operations of modern eCommerce and omni-channel retailers is collectively known as a ROP, or Retail Operations Platform.  RetailOps ROP (think next-gen ERP) is a new breed of intuitive management software built on cutting-edge web technology to deliver a powerful platform capable of managing the end-to-end operations of modern, technology-enabled retailers.  ROP software improves upon most legacy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software through its focus on automating and optimizing the flow of the iterative processes critical to the success of an eCommerce or omni-channel retailer, whereas legacy ERP software focuses solely on providing functionality and pays little attention to usability or efficiency.  Legacy ERP software is becoming more and more irrelevant for serving today’s ever-evolving retailers, who need a platform that is as agile and adaptive to change as they are.

Operations Management Software

All-in-One Solution

  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Feed Management
  • Report Management

RetailOps: The Secret Weapon for Growing Sales, Driving Profit, and Scaling Operations

RetailOps ROP replaces an eCommerce or omni-channel retailer’s need to string together countless pieces of single-function software, and further replaces the need to deploy clunky, legacy ERP software that requires endless (and expensive) customization, with virtually no attention paid to usability or process efficiency.

Instead of waiting months or years to deploy retail operations management software, and waiting more months or years to realize a return on the hefty investment, RetailOps creates immediate ROI in the form of cost-savings, along with revenue and profit growth.  We are leading the paradigm shift in technology for retailers, making the thought that “ERPs are a necessarily evil needed to combat the need for operational tools” a thing of the past.

Maximize Presence and Drive Top Line

RetailOps increases sales and revenue by efficiently maximizing a retailer’s presence and exposure across an infinite number of sales channels.  Whether a retailer has a single web storefront, or whether a retailer sells across numerous storefronts, micro-sites, and marketplaces (i.e. eBay, Amazon, NewEgg, Rakuten/Buy, etc.), RetailOps updates inventory across all sales channels in real time, and reduces the critical TTL, or “time to live” metric, allowing retailers to list new products faster and gain first-to-market advantage over their competitors.  Additionally, RetailOps DFM, or dynamic feed management, allows retailers to tailor and curate their product feed to create a unique presence that’s most fitting and highest-converting for the same product across various sales channels, putting the power of programmatic product updates in the hands of every retailer.  Make customized improvements across hundreds of thousands of product SKUs in minutes, not days or weeks, and watch sales skyrocket.

Optimize Operations and Improve Bottom line

First, RetailOps replaces what is often a mangled web of legacy software powering a retailer’s back-office operations, and eliminates costly manual processes while streamlining the end-to-end operational workflow to eliminate unnecessary human resources waste, and increase overall operational throughput.  RetailOps helps retailers put more dollars back in their pockets, creating incremental bottom line dollars through efficiency.


Eliminate The Dreaded Software Learning Curve

An intuitive, user-friendly interface means retailers can get employees trained and up and running in days, not months, eliminating the technological “barrier” associated with deploying most-all legacy ERP software systems on the market today.  RetailOps’ comprehensive retail operations management software provides eCommerce and omni-channel retailers the complete set of tools they need to succeed online – nothing more and nothing less.

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