You spoke – RetailOps listened! The result is RetailOps Version 2.5, which is now live and showing off big improvements to all areas of the app, including purchasing, reporting, POS and customer service.

Let’s dive straight into the new features of the release and take a look at how they can benefit omnichannel retailers of all sizes. And if you want to know more about each feature or improvement we’ve included a link to learn more.


New PO modes: Giving RetailOps a boost in flexibility, the PO tool now has two modes: the traditional Spreadsheet mode – which allows you to work in the familiar MPN-based workflow – and the new SKU mode, which allows you to build purchase orders based on SKU. SKU mode also offers the additional benefit of automatically linking your PO line items to products in your RetailOps catalog, allowing you to track inbound inventory and purchasing data. Reporting just got a lot easier!

Configurable PO Types: Using the new PO Types tool, you can both manage System PO types and create a few of your own – a useful feature to help streamline the purchasing process.

Customer Service tool

Store Credit Balance: Keep on top of store credit issues, as your customer records now clearly display the customer’s active store credit balance and history in the customer’s ‘Store Credit’ tab.

Gift Messages: While we all like receiving gifts, retailers will love our new gift message editing feature. Messages can be edited directly in the Customer Service tool, when imported from supported channels including Shopify, Spree, Yahoo/Aabaco, and Magento.

Correct Channel Incomplete Orders: Channel Incomplete orders can now be overridden and pushed into a ‘Ready’ status by selecting [Push Order] and following the prompts. Once you have pushed the order into Channel Incomplete, you can apply payment manually.

Customer Service Emails: Forget switching programs – you can now email customers directly from the Customer Service tool. Simply select [Email] in the Customer Service tool and you can choose from four templates for quick and easy communication with your customers.

Email Return Shipping Labels: Keep your customers satisfied by making it easier for them to return orders. You can now send your customers their return shipping label via email during RMA creation in the Customer Service tool.

Bulk Mode in Print Labels tool: Welcome to the simplified way of reprinting lot labels. Using the Print Labels tool, you can now search by container, SKU, lot, and many other variables, to reprint labels in bulk.

Point of Sale

Discounts: The Point of Sale tool now allows order-level discounts in addition to line-level discounts. You can simply add the order-level discount in the lower right-hand side of the POS tool.

Order Parking: Orders may be parked on one terminal, then un-parked on a different terminal. This allows your retail employees to seamlessly pass an order from one terminal to another.

Point of Sale Search: Our Point of Sale tool now makes product searches even simpler. ‘Search for a product’ now defaults to only show products that are in stock, while retired items have also been excluded from this search.

Dashboard Widgets: The Dashboard widget for ‘POS Orders Today’ can now be displayed by Facility. This gives greater visibility to our customers with multiple brick and mortar stores.

Reporting tool

Historical Report Formulas: Want to revert to an older report formula? Correct an unintentional edit to a report? The reporting tool now offers a ‘History’ function, allowing you to see the history of a report formula, as well as the download history of a report. To view this in the reporting tool, select the [History] button in the upper right corner of any report.

User Privilege History: Keep on top of reporting issues with the reporting tool’s newest feature – a ‘User Privilege History’ datasource, detailing all users’ permission history as well as who granted them access.


RetailOps Access control system: There’s no reason to suffer password-related security issues with our enhanced password control. You can now choose the number of days credentials are valid, the number of failed attempts before lockout, password validation patterns, and the number of credentials that cannot be reused.

Multiple Shopify Channel Support: More than one Shopify channel? No problem – RetailOps now supports multiple Shopify channels in a single RetailOps account!

Address Verification: Whether domestic or international shipment, ensure your package is sent to the correct place thanks to our direct integration with the global address verification service Postcode Anywhere. You can find this in the Customer Service tool.

Navigation Enhancements: Need to end your session quickly? You can now quickly close all your tabs at once! Simply locate the ‘X’ next to your username to close all open RetailOps tabs in one go.

Inventory Count

Hide completed inventory counts: The inventory count tool now offers a ‘Hide Complete’ toggle, allowing you to hide inventory counts that have been completed. A useful tool when you want to narrow your view to only open counts.

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