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Product descriptions: Writing Best Practices

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but that’s not enough. Even with the advances made in product display such as 3d view and product videos, product descriptions are still important. No matter how good your photos are, it’s not the same as seeing the physical object so shoppers rely on the description to supplement for that gap.

Product descriptions don’t exist in a vacuum, they should be an outgrowth of the site's architecture. Before you can begin writing, the content areas should be segmented and organized in a site map with a navigational scheme. Once this is in place, the site feel and brand needs to be determined.How the site is structured will impact how the visitor gets to your product. Think of the description as a small space you can fill with a product pitch.

While there is no one right way of writing, there are some rules that apply, no matter what.

Give the facts some context: Often we fall into the trap of assuming people know what we know. It is important to not only list the features of the product, but to give it some context, explain what is the advantage of the feature. You may hear the feature, and know exactly what that means practically, but your site visitors may not.  For example here are two ways to list the features of an oven:

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