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Go with the Flow: Intelligent inventory sourcing with our flexible Order Management software

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Dealing with complicated fulfillment scenarios?

They’re only complicated if you don’t have the right software. Unleash the power of RetailOps’ Distributed Order Management system to manage, monitor and optimize orders from across all of your sales channels. Our tools support even the most complex fulfillment scenarios, automatically routing shipments in real-time to your warehouse, drop-shippers and 3PL partners.

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Minimize Fulfillment Costs

Multiple warehouses, various vendors, and endless retail stores to fulfill from - order routing in modern retail is an ongoing headache! RetailOps takes this multi-variable equation and automates it - bringing variables from cost, shipping, fees, and experiential factors to ensure you’re always choosing the lowest-cost fulfillment path for each order.

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Scalable and Sustainable

For many businesses, order routing is a role filled by “John” or “Sally”. If either is sick / leaves / gets hit by bus, you’d be left without an order routing system! That’s why it’s smarter to delegate to RetailOps, which opens the door to complete scalability by removing the single point of failure.

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Reduce Inventory Liability

Automatically routing orders to the right place at the right time is the key to efficiency. Utilizing inventory from dropship and Just-in-Time vendors decreases your inventory carrying costs, while still offering customers a wide assortment of items to choose from.

Costed-Based Order Routing

Model once - automation takes care of the rest. The RetailOps Cost Based Routing (CBR) system is more powerful than any other system on the market. Accounting for complex supply chain scenarios right down to your end-customer perception, RetailOps takes care of you. Customer orders are automatically split into the optimal shipment plan, given the real-time reality of your inventory and vendor inventory data.

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Multi-Warehouse Support

Native support for multiple warehouses comes as standard. Your business is expanding and you need to add a facility? Easy - a few clicks and you’re ready to go. Moving to a new warehouse? No problem - configure locations and never miss a step.

Dropship + JIT Support for Multi-Vendor SKUs

Can you get a single item from more than one source? Do you have the ability to order on-demand or dropship in some scenarios? Can you leverage vendor inventory as a safeguard to your owned inventory? RetailOps has you covered, ensuring you’ll never have to manually route another customer order.

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Customer Service, Returns, Exchanges, and Phone Order Support

The basics for all modern retailers, but where would your business be without them? These essential tools are included in the RetailOps platform, giving you the features and functions to effectively operate your business.

Automated PO Routing for Dropship + JIT

Automatically set up vendors to receive purchase orders on a schedule that works for them. Scoop up every end-customer order that has accumulated since you last sent a PO to the vendor, and include them on your next PO. All without lifting a finger!

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Order Risk Analysis

Eliminate the risk of eCommerce fraud by ensuring customer orders are legitimate before automation kicks in. Complement the work of existing tools such as Kount with the safety net of risk analysis already built into RetailOps. Our smart tool scores every order based on profile points, highlighting those that seem a bit too risky.

Customer Service

RetailOps offers a full suite of intelligent customer service tools that prevents mistakes being made - from the moment an order is placed to after it leaves the warehouse. Order cancellation is automatically disabled at the right time. Returns cannot be created for orders that never shipped. Orders don’t release for fulfillment until they’re paid in full. The list goes on.

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Automated Order Transactional Emails

Post-purchase communication is vital to keeping your valued customers in the loop about activity critical to their order. If your website or channels don’t handle all customer communication, RetailOps includes templates to notify customers of post-purchase events.

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