At RetailOps we love working with brands that push the envelope on what is achievable within the retail space. So, it goes without saying that we are thrilled to welcome the exciting luxury clothing brand LTH JKT to the RetailOps platform.

Established in Venice, California in 2017, LTH JKT sells high-quality handcrafted leather jackets at unbeatable prices. Co-founders Grace Branton and Andrew Pollard have grown the business from a start-up company into a global leatherwear brand within just two years.

Below you can check out our fireside chat with Grace Branton, who is also the Director of Operations at LTH JKT. In this short video, Grace discusses her previous operational challenges and her company’s need for something more.

Ultimately, as LTH JKT grew, so too did the problems. As they moved into multiple marketplaces and channels, they began facing the typical inventory management nightmares that tend to arise when inventory is spread out – overselling, misplaced stock, and lack of accountability among employees.

Grace was only too aware of the importance of solid inventory management. As she explains, ‘I believe that inventory is the most valuable asset for a brand. That’s where your money is.’

‘Ultimately, not knowing where inventory is at all times can be a disaster. Using an inventory management system that knows where everything is in multiple locations is how a small niche company scales to a globally recognizable brand.’

Excel spreadsheets were no longer a viable option. This is when LTH JKT reached out to RetailOps.

After transitioning over to the RetailOps platform, LHT JKT has enjoyed the benefit of working with a system that is able to keep track of their growing inventory across multiple markets and facilities. This streamlined inventory management system is one that can scale with the business, no matter how big they grow.

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