Our first step

Here at RetailOps, we are bringing a new intelligent platform to modern retailers. From our experience as retailers, we haven’t found an elegant solution for companies who are in the growth stages of their eCommerce journey. Companies that have found their legs and started growing find that complicated spreadsheets, one-off point solutions, and a mangled web of legacy software quickly becomes an encumbrance to keeping pace with their customer’s needs. There is no doubt that the Amazon Effect has changed the way most consumers shop since the company debuted in 1994. Who knew an almost completely frictionless shopping experience with near immediate results could even be possible. This effect has changed the game for all retailers who now have to consider operational excellence as pivotal to their consumer experience.

Coming to this realization is one thing but finding a partner who will guide them through this stage of their journey is quite another. Options for eCommerce focused retailers to date include building a strong technology practice in the business, staying the status quo and falling behind, snapping on multiple point solutions while duct-taping them all together, or worse yet, spending 6-12+ months firing up a traditional ERP system. How do we know this? We’ve walked in our customer’s shoes. During this time, our team searched high and low for a retail operations platform that contained the features we needed to scale our operations while remaining competitive, all the while not breaking the bank. One glossy sales pitch after another, we found there were no compelling answers from the software industry, only deep expenditures and lacking solutions. The dream of best-in-breed integration nirvana turned out to be a nightmare. RetailOps was founded on the principle that smart, software-enabled operational processes are critical to business success, not just an afterthought. As technologists and retail strategists, we leveraged our experience to create RetailOps from the ground up with a fanatical focus on providing every eCommerce and Omni-Channel Retailer the tools they need to drive their business from end-to-end with seamless sophistication.

RetailOps was founded on the principle that smart, software-enabled operational processes are critical to business success, not just an afterthought.

Where we go from here

We are excited about changing the game with our customers but it doesn’t happen overnight. Our past experience allows us to create strong bonds with the companies we work with. These strong bonds drive collaboration and information flow that provides us with a deep understanding of a customer’s operational needs and to push the envelope in the RetailOps platform. The not-so secret sauce is how we provide our customer with appropriate guidance. Identifying and understanding that they’ve hit that operational cross-roads is difficult enough, having a partner with the expertise and business model designed to help is quite another.

The power of success

For all of our customers and prospects, we develop the cornerstone of our engagement, a Success Plan, that helps them navigate these unchartered waters during their evaluation process and ongoing evolution of the business. This document unifies key objectives, challenges, and pain points and establishes metrics to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page with such a critical decision for their business. This Success Plan is the key to accelerating the customer’s time to value and getting them live within weeks rather than months. This document is written for them (not us) and can be used to guide any vendor or internal resource that is better suited to guide throughout this journey. We look forward to rolling up our sleeves!! If you are interested in having a Success Plan written for your eCommerce business then reach out!

Want a success plan?

Have one of our retail experts create a custom succcess plan with detailed insight into your operations, process, and what efficient selling on Shopify looks like. This plan is not tied to RetailOps, this is just our way of giving back to the retailing community.

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