Sales Channels in Harmony

With our Amazon integration, RetailOps takes the worry of overselling away from the business you do on Amazon by automatically syncing inventory availability across all your channels. Sell something in store, over the phone, or on your website and your stock levels are instantly adjusted on Amazon (and every other channel), ensuring you retain accurate inventory levels. Goodbye overselling, manual data entry and stockouts – hello positive customer experience.

Improve Your POP

It’s time to shine! The only way to achieve Perfect Order Percentage rates on Amazon is by providing top-notch customer service – using RetailOps to manage everything from back office workflows to shipping updates is the smartest way to do this. Ensure you always know the status of any Amazon order and you will nurture positive reviews, great ratings and customers for a lifetime.

Instant Financial Reporting

Don’t waste time consolidating data. Welcome to the world of fast, in-depth financial reports – giving you the information to make the best business decisions quickly, based on accurate figures. The moment orders are shipped, paid and invoiced, RetailOps automatically creates your accounting entries to be viewed and exported however you see fit. This allows you to gain insights from reporting, to accurately forecast and respond to demand.

Increase Productivity

Using RetailOps to manage your entire back office gives you and your team one thing you can’t buy – time. Orders are handled efficiently, inventory levels are updated instantly, and accounting is expertly managed, giving you back time that would have been spent on admin. This system also eliminates the errors associated with manual data handling. How you spend this time is up to you – whether planning your next big promotion or growing your business.

Expand Your Business

From adding another warehouse to cross-border trading, RetailOps’ powerful warehousing and fulfillment features give you the power to manage multi-inventory sites and automate your fulfillment routing across all channels, including Amazon. Connect as many marketplaces as you require through one single RetailOps account, giving you the space to grow your brand, boost productivity and increase profitability.

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Watch how WildFang implemented RetailOps to acheive real growth and value compared to their old operational process.

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