Streamlined Operations

With RetailOps’ intelligent ChannelAdvisor integration, your operations will run smoother, faster and more efficient than ever before. Gone are error-prone and frustration-heavy manual processes, as everything from orders and inventory levels to shipping updates and customer information seamlessly moves between the systems. The result is improved order accuracy, reduced handling errors, and faster fulfilment.

Eliminate Inventory Errors

Using RetailOps’ ChannelAdvisor integration means that you’ll never again have to suffer the consequences of overselling or stockouts, or the headache of manual data entry. Our integration ensures that changes to your inventory quantities are quickly and accurately reflected on every one of your marketplaces. Neither you, your employees or your customers will be left in the dark when it comes to what’s in stock.

Content Customers

Positive customer experience - it’s the one result all retailers crave and usually one of the hardest to guarantee. Until now. RetailOps’ powerful integration with ChannelAdvisor breeds a consistently positive customer experience, with fewer mis-ships and oversells, faster order and shipping information, and better communication. In turn you’ll see positive ratings, reviews and rankings, greater visibility, lower customer service costs, and happy customers that return again and again.

Time to Grow

Whether you are adding a new warehouse or expanding into international markets, RetailOps’ ChannelAdvisor integration makes managing multi-inventory sites simple, while automating your fulfillment routing across all channels becomes a breeze. With RetailOps watching your channels, you have the time and resources to focus on your business and grow your brand.

Superior List Management

No matter the number of sales channels, RetailOps can push an unlimited amount of product data in whatever format you desire. Add your products, upload photos, create content and title rules, and update product details in one central location, leading to more automation, more flexibility and reduced time-to-live.

Major retailers using RetailOps

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Real Customers. Real Success.

Watch how WildFang implemented RetailOps to acheive real growth and value compared to their old operational process.

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