Automate Everything

RetailOps seamlessly integrates with Magento to eliminate the headache of manual data handling, ensuring order and inventory updates are issued quickly and accurately. This intelligent system is built for volume, so whether it’s a flash promotion or Black Friday sale, RetailOps has your back. The moment orders are shipped, updates are automatically sent to Magento, meaning your customers are always in the loop with their orders.

Flexible Enterprise Support

There’s no one-size-fits-all business model - RetailOps knows this. With the modern online retailer in mind, RetailOps’ Magento integration fully supports all situations including closeout retailers and complicated fulfilment scenarios, giving you the flexibility to work as you want. Our high-performance integration also includes the use of tiered pricing and dynamic bundles, giving you the flexibility to scale your business in whichever way works for you.

Deep Financial Reporting

RetailOps’ automated integration with your Magento website means in-depth financial reporting at the click of a button. This fast and precise financial analysis gives you the power to make key decisions quickly and accurately. Order shipping, payments and invoices are all automatically produced, offering you a better idea of your performance and profitability across all sales channels. The result: fast and simple decision making, allowing you more time and space to grow your business.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Whatever the occasion, RetailOps’ Magento integration ensures your business never buckles when things get busy. You won’t experience slow-downs, you won’t miss sales or oversell, and your customers won’t know we are there. All they experience is an efficient website with accurate listings, stock levels and order updates, 247.

No Limit Expansions

It takes just one RetailOps account for you to connect infinite Magento stores, no matter how differently they are configured or branded. Our integration also offers multicurrency and landed cost modules allowing you to expand into new regions, do business in different countries and in different currencies, while keeping a single, streamlined order management system. The potential for expansion is huge, keeping the possibility of headaches and overhead costs low.

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