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We're a team of industry experts, developers, customer service fanatics, dog lovers (and one cat lover) based out of beautiful San Diego, California. We strive to make the retailers we work with better by making products that make their life a little bit easier.

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Meet the team

Sam Moses profile image

Sam Moses

CEO / Co-founder

Daniel Norman profile image

Daniel Norman

CTO / Co-founder

Ryan Mitchell profile image

Ryan Mitchell

Director of Operations

Adrial Walters profile image

Adrial Walters

Technical Support Specialist

Alex Diallo profile image

Alex Diallo

Technical Project Manager

Ally Daley profile image

Ally Daley

RetailOps Partners Manager

Connor McCluskey profile image

Connor McCluskey

Junior Developer

Denise Mojica Palestina profile image

Denise Mojica Palestina

Technical Support Specialist

Doug Calderon profile image

Doug Calderon

Software Developer

Jack McCullough profile image

Jack McCullough

Director of Engineering

Justin Schell profile image

Justin Schell

Senior Software Engineer

Kimberly Sawh profile image

Kimberly Sawh

Software Tester

Quoc Nguyen profile image

Quoc Nguyen

Implementation Specialist

Randy Lough profile image

Randy Lough

Marketing Manager

Robby Richardson profile image

Robby Richardson

Sales Executive

Ryan Caslavka profile image

Ryan Caslavka

Client Operations Manager

Will Marchesano profile image

Will Marchesano

Customer Success Practitioner

Yoann Jaspar profile image

Yoann Jaspar

Senior Software Engineer

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