PO and Vendor Management Features

Purchase Order Search

Search across your entire purchase order history to find the right purchase order instantaneously.

Purchase Order Create

Create new purchase orders quickly and efficiently, leveraging existing product and vendor data to drive efficiency.

Purchase Order Edit

Edit and modify purchase orders on-the-fly, and empower your purchasing team to be responsive and adaptive to any changes a supplier may throw your way.

Vendor Manager

Create and edit vendors with ease.

Contact Manager

Create and edit vendor contacts with ease, to facilitate streamlined correspondence between your purchasing team and your suppliers.

Brand Manager

Create and edit brands with ease.

Routing Guide Editor

Create and customize your own routing guide, appended to each and every purchase order. Hold your suppliers accountable to your specific routing instructions, so that inventory shows up on time, and prepared/packed the way you want it.

New Product Staging

Intuitively create a new product cataloging and listing workflow that minimizes the time between when you order a new product and the time it's live and available for sale.

Existing Product Record Sync

Leverage your existing product records to eliminate redundant purchase order data entry, or if you're ordering new products, add them to your purchase order on-the-fly without being required to manually create an entirely new product record.

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