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Faster, Smarter, and Deeper Business Analytics

RetailOps offers quick access to your data when you need it, while giving you the ability to dig deeper in your analytics.

Accurate Cost of Goods Data

Make important selling decisions easier with accurate cost of goods data. Whether you want inventory averaged at SKU level or the actual individual cost of a particular product, our intelligent software has the numbers you need.

Custom Demand Forecasting

Every retail business is unique - only you understand how you need to measure demand and change. RetailOps provides the data for you to analyze however you see fit, then gets out of your way.

Analyze. Predict. Empower.

So much data, so little time! This is why retailers benefit from RetailOps’ industry-leading Reporting and Analytics tools – you get the right data exactly when you need it. This puts the power back in your hands: set and achieve benchmarks, easily access reports such as sales velocity, top-selling SKUs, product category trending insights, and revenue vs. COGS; and ultimately drive meaningful increases in productivity.

Physical Stores

Included in your RetailOps instance are base system reports already configured and ready to use.

Customer Reports

Everyone wants to see their data in slightly different ways. We give you the tools to create and save custom reports unique to your business and perspective.

Report Editor

Customize your reports with the power of drag, drop and type. Advanced reporting editors are no longer daunting, as we’ve built in functionality to make the controls intuitive.

Report Exports

Your data, served the way you want it - our Reporting Tool makes this a reality. Ready to export it? Your entire formatted data is available at any time with a quick click.

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