Product Management Features

Authoritative Master Product Database

Manage all your product data in a centralized platform that's intuitive and easy to use.

Fully Configurable Attribute Management

Create, view and edit product-related attributes on-the-fly.

Product Description Edit/Management

Create, view and edit product descriptions in a single, centralized platform.

Product Video and Image Support

Add videos, images, and other rich media to your product descriptions and maximize your conversion rate.

Drop Ship Product Support

List products from drop shippers that you don't keep physical inventory of, and let RetailOps handle the operational processes when you sell products that need to be drop shipped, while managing product data in a centralized platform.

Elastic Product Search w/ Natural Linguistics Recognition

Search for products without clunky filters. Simply type what you're looking for, and search across product titles, descriptions, attributes, quantities, categories, and more in real time. Elastic, highly-scalable infrastructure means you get snappy search results whether you have 10,000 SKUs or 1,000,000.

Advanced Product Editor

Drill down to edit and modify granular product data all while using a simple, intuitive interface.

Integrated Content Delivery Network for Images (CDN)

RetailOps serves as your origin server for all product images, with full CDN functionality so your consumer-facing images load quickly and reliably across all your sales channels.

Advanced Product Photography Automation

Automate your product photography process with RetailOps, and drastically improve product listing speed and efficiency.

Bulk Media Uploader

Bulk upload product images and leverage the power of RetailOps to make individual picture uploads a thing of the past. Use the RetailOps bulk media uploader tool to make your photo upload process significantly more efficient.

Photography Sample Selector

Specify and select the order of your photos, and manipulate your photos to show up on your product listing pages to your liking.

Bulk Price Update (mark-downs)

Bulk update product data such as pricing, making mark-downs across your entire product catalog a breeze.

Bulk Product Data Edit

Bulk update data across your entire product catalog to drive efficiency and eliminate expensive, redundant data entry.

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