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In a dynamic, ever-changing industry such as retail, wholesalers and manufacturers must find new ways of doing business. Enter, B2C, where larger margins and better brand management has already enticed many traditional wholesale and manufacturing businesses to sell directly to the consumer. But making this a reality on existing ERPs isn't easy. B2C sales require new sets of product data and media, quicker integrations to your website and marketplaces, and new warehouse operations. RetailOps is your answer.

Bring your products to life

Great product data is at the heart of eCommerce. Descriptions, attributes, and media all work together to build an enjoyable online buying experience. RetailOps' Product Information Management tool is designed for scalable creation and circulation of product data across every one of your online channels.

Leverage shared inventory

Carrying costs of having B2C-only inventory for slow-moving or high-ticket items can add up. Enjoy the best of both worlds with RetailOps' Inventory Management System - allowing you to leverage B2B inventory for B2C sales, while also keeping it available for large wholesale orders.

B2C-optimized warehouse

Keeping consumers happy isn’t always an easy task - unless you have RetailOps in your warehouse. B2C orders are defined by high order volume, few line-items, and an immediate delivery date. RetailOps was designed from the ground up to ensure orders leave the warehouse on-time and accurately, with native barcode scan audits for products and direct carrier integrations for immediate tracking and ship-label generation.

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