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While closeout purchases tend to be low-cost and high-touch, retailers can make HUGE margins - with the right tools. By increasing efficiency and time-to-live throughout the retail process, RetailOps helps reduce the time spent per unit of inventory, keeping your costs down and maximizing your margins.

Industry's fastest time-to-live

Closeout purchases are often determined by Purchase Orders, with nothing more than a brand and product type defined. RetailOps’ receiving tools allow for the import of PO Manifests, quick cross-referencing of products against the existing catalog’s UPCs and attributes, and the capturing and listing of new products - all in a single step.

Save time on mixed-conditioned products

Reduce handling time and improve data accuracy on mixed-condition goods. Whether the item is new, new without box, lightly worn or a floor model, RetailOps allows you to easily create and assign unique product attributes, media, and sales channels directly into the PIM while receiving.

Intelligent warehouse tools for inventory with shallow depth

The advantages of using RetailOps’ tools to streamline vendor interactions - from templated imports to fully automated EDI/API integrations - are clear to see. Eliminate overselling and automate order routing with inventory and order data feeds; reduce fulfillment times with automated transmission of POs; and ensure customer satisfaction with tracking confirmations at the shipment level.

Near real-time inventory and order syncing for channel integrations

Whether buying 5 or 500 of a single SKU, closeout inventory ultimately ends up dwindling in available quantity without a consistent opportunity to replenish. Keep your customers happy with seamless, near real-time integrations to your sales channels for inventory and order data.

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