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Leveraging in-store inventory for online sales is just one reason businesses love omnichannel retailing. But it’s an ongoing challenge for all but the most well-funded enterprises to find the right technology to back it. Enter, RetailOps, which bridges the gap to ship-from-store with both a native POS and smart eCommerce tools. Select which stores to ship from, watch online inventory quantities increment up, and sell more.

Endless aisle retail

To truly keep your customers happy, any walk-in retail customer should have the same choice of item, size and color combination as an online customer - even if it’s not what they walk out with. RetailOps equips in-store employees with mobile devices that offer immediate access to inventory and product information - be it in their store, another store, a warehouse, or even with an external vendor. Ship-to orders can be placed on the spot.

Unified product data for all your sales channels

RetailOps enables you to save time, reduce errors, and improve time-to-live KPIs by operating from a single set of product data. Traditionally, POS product catalogs require updating and syncing, which often proves to be an error-prone process - one that can throw off inventory counts through the rest of the business. RetailOps replaces tradition with unified product data, for effective omnichannel retailing.

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