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Sick of overselling? Can’t keep track of your vendors? RetailOps’ Purchase Order and Vendor Management tool is the remedy for all buying problems. Our innovative tool allows you to make better decisions and forge great relationships with your dropship and Just-in-Time vendors. Quickly add vendors, send purchase orders, and configure vendors to automatically receive their dropship orders. The tool also allows automated purchase orders based on customer demand. And that’s just the start.

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Instant benefits to your buying process

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Reduce Surplus Inventory

Too much stock can weigh you down - eating into your working cashflow, storage space, and profit. Our tool helps streamline your buying process while reducing carrying costs, allowing you to run a more efficient business.

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Improve Buyer Decision Making

Stay ahead of the trends - simplify the buying process with concrete sales data. Leverage custom reports to generate sell through, sales velocity, and attribute trends to double down on your best sellers.

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Automate Vendor Interaction

Forget error-prone manual purchase orders. Instead, ensure buying takes less time with less mistakes, by using RetailOps’ fully-automated Dropship and JIT PO interactions.

Advanced Sales Analysis

The analysis your buying team craves! RetailOps offers accurate and detailed sales analysis, with quick access to data and custom reports, giving you the answers to your sales questions - whether that’s understanding sales velocity by SKU and sales channel, or building a report on seasonality of a product.

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Re-order Automation

Set it and forget it. Re-order buying is a data-driven task, lending itself to automation. So whether you’re after forecasting or fully-automated submission of vendor POs, RetailOps has you covered.

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Vendor and Contact Management

Keeps all your vendor contacts, terms, addresses, and PO history in one place - think of this as the ultimate address book! Whether it’s onboarding a new addition to your buying team or your accounting team digging a bit deeper in the process of reconciling an invoice, RetailOps sets your team up for success with streamlined vendor relations.

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Automatic PO Transmission

Spend less time and reduce miss-orders by transmitting Dropship, Just-in-Time, and Inline Purchase Orders automatically on a set schedule. Supported formats include email, FTP, EDI, and API.

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Automation for Vendor Inventory Feeds

Leverage vendor inventory with confidence and minimal effort. RetailOps can augment any SKU with vendor inventory data, including inventory quantity, cost, and estimated shipping days to ensure your orders are being routed accurately - keeping your customers happy with on-time deliveries. Supported vendor inventory formats include CSV templated imports, EDI, API, and FTP.

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Automation for Dropship + JIT POs

Successful handling of Dropship, Just-in-Time and other external inventory relies on knowing what inventory is available, and what expected costs are from a specific vendor. RetailOps’ industry-leading Cost Based Routing automates this process, making real-time order routing decisions all the way through PO creation and execution.

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